Best way to cut cat claws – 2021 | Easy Home Methods

best way to cut cat claws

Make sure your cat’s health is protected as well as the wellbeing of the humans around them, not to forget furniture, by trimming your claws regularly.

As anyone who has cats will know, cats love to scratch. It is a way for them to define their space, stretch and stretch their bodies and feet and also to wear away the dead skin layer of their nails. Unfortunately, the entire scratching can lead to damaged curtains or furniture. It could even cause injury to your own body!

You can satisfy your cat’s desire to scratch by ensuring that they have plenty of scratch-proof surfaces, and also by keeping your cat’s nails under control by trimming them regularly. The claws of a cat need to be cut every 10-14 days. Therefore, being comfortable with home trims is vital. Nobody can send their cat to a groomer each time she requires an kitty manicure.

Although it may take you — and your cat a while to adjust to the procedure With a bit of patience, it’s completely possible to complete claw trimmings at home. Here are some tips on how you can trim your cat’s nails without pain.

The information provided isn’t intended to replace medical advice from a veterinarian. Always follow the advice given by your doctor.

In the images below, unless noted otherwise in the photos below, the top foot is facing upwards. Tigger is the cat’s model and has white pads that are on his feet. The black pads that are on the lower part of his feet will assist you in orienting yourself when you look at the photos.

Different versions of these guidelines exist.

A majority of cats are not happy trimming their claws. Begin trimming claws when they are young pets to get them used to the procedure. Certain cats will lie on your lap on the table while you cut their claws, but most require some form of control.

Make Your Cat Ready for Nail Trims

If you’re adopting kittens, help her get acquainted with the process of trimming nails as soon as you can. Set up the right habits at an early age and life will be significantly easier.

Whatever your cat’s age, you can begin by introducing her to being handled by her paws. Play with your cat’s paws and massage her feet often by yelling softly while rewarding your cat with some treats that reinforce the pleasure of the experience. is.

Also, you want to make sure she is familiar with the sound and sight of nail clippers before you attempt to cut. Remove the clippers from the drawer that you keep them , and let her explore and sniff while rewarding her with sweets to build an enjoyable experience.

best way to cut cat claws

The most significant distinction between the process of trimming the nails of dogs and trimming the nails of a cat is the fact that cats come with claws that retract. When trimming the nails of a cat you’ll have to gently press the bottom and top of each foot in order to extend the claws to trim. If she starts to flinch or is withdrawn, don’t try to fight her. Simply stroke gently and gently massage her until she’s comfortable enough for another go. The experts suggest pushing down to lengthen one nail per day to prepare for the cutting process. Expand the nail, and then give her treats. This way she’ll be prepared for when the time to cut the nails.

Introduce your cat to the sound of clippers by cutting something hard such as uncooked pasta. Cutting the noodles that aren’t cooked creates the same sound as an nail itself. Use your cat’s paws to force the claws to expand prior to cutting the pasta, showing her how it can eventually work. Remember: treats treat, treats, and more snacks!

best way to cut cat claws

To confine a cat to your lap, place your arms draped over the cat’s neck and the hind-end to hold the cat on your lap. The clipper is held with the left hand.


Types of nail trimmers

best way to cut cat claws

There are various styles of nail trimmers. These include the guillotine model, a cutting scissors, as well as a nail clipper for humans. It is either the guillotine or one for human fingers are most convenient for use on cats.

The scissors-type can be used when the toe nail is long that it curls into circles. Long claws can develop in the form of the toepad.

Types of Grinders and Clippers

There are many different nail clippers and grinders that are available to cut cat nails:

  • Clippers that resemble scissor-like such as that of the JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper appear like small scissors , with splits in the nail. For grooming this is my favorite nail clippers to use for cats.
  • Guillotine nail clippers similar to Resco Original Cat Nail Clippers. Resco Original Cat Nail Clippers feature an opening that you insert the nail through prior to moving the blade across it to cut it. The clippers will are sharper than other clippers, however they aren’t easy to use on cats since inserting the cat’s nail through an opening adds another level of difficulty.
  • Pliers-style nail clippers Nail clippers that resemble pliers like those from H&H Pets Dog & Cat Nail Clipper include springs that give them greater strength in the event that your cat has thick nails.
  • Nail grinders such as ones like the Dremel 7300-PT Nail Grinder will aid in filing your cat’s nails, but their hum from the motor can be very difficult for some cats, making the cutting process more difficult for both of you.

Hold the trimmer

best way to cut cat claws

Place the trimmer with your right hand if right handed.


Best way to cut cat claws - 2022 | Easy Home Methods 1

Hold your hand tightly around the clipper and squeeze the handle. This will cause the cutting blade to move.


Best way to cut cat nails and claws using following easy steps

best way to cut cat claws

Cat claws retract, which means you have to gently squeeze your toe between the thumb and forefinger to expose the claw.

best way to cut cat claws

Most cats have light colored claws, making it easy to see the blood vessels and nerves that supply the claw as a pink stripe at the base of the nail, which is called a quick. You want to cut the claw to within approximately 2 millimeters of the quick.

best way to cut cat claws

If you cut through the swift the claw will start bleeding and the cat will feel discomfort.

best way to cut cat claws

The clipper should be positioned parallel with the nail (cutting from top to the bottom).

best way to cut cat claws

Light colored claws are trimmed with a single cut across each nail. (see the trimming of dog claws for directions on trimming claws with dark colors)

best way to cut cat claws

When the cutter is positioned in a straight line with the nail (cutting from side to side) the nail can be broken and can splinter.

best way to cut cat claws

The more precise your trimmer is, the better the cut.You can employ a nail file in order to smooth the edge of the nail after cutting.

best way to cut cat claws

If you’re using a guillotine nail trimmer the blade (outlined in yellow) should face you not the cat. The screws of the trimmer must be facing towards the cat. The nail must be cut top-to-bottom not side-to-side. The nail’s tip is placed into the cutting hole then the handles squeezed in order to push the cutting blade along the nail.

The handle of the trimmer can be positioned to point towards the ground…


…or ceiling, depending on which is more comfortable for your hands.

The cutting blade is able to be replaced if it is not sharp anymore.


If the trimmer is held with the screws facing your face, then the edge is cutting further into the quick than when you hold the trimming tool with the cutting blade facing you. It is less likely that you will cut through the quick if the cutting blade is facing towards you.


The cutting blade is highlighted in yellow.


The nail of cats is that is located on the inside of each foot, known as dew claw. Be sure to trim them since they do not wear down by scratching and they can expand in the form of a circle and eventually grow to the foot.

best way to cut cat claws

In this image, the trimmer is held differently than in prior photos and the handles are pointed towards the upward direction instead of downwards. It’s the result of your personal preference, and what feels the most comfortable for you.

Cut the claw of dew from the top to the bottom, instead of side-to-side.


If the claw has been cut too short, it is possible to employ a styptic pencil with silver nitrate, which stops blood flow. However, some animals do not like the styptic pencil more as, or even more than, claw cutting. The black tip of the stick is secured by the nail that is bleeding and then gently turned.

In the absence of any treatment, your nail will stop bleeding after approximately 5 to 10 minutes, or even less.

Best Tips To Trimming Cat Claws

To improve your odds to have a successful nail cutting experience, adhere to these guidelines:

First, practice Before you take your clippers out, get your cat in a position and then practice the process of extending their nails, each time. Once your cat has become accustomed to this method it will assist them to adjust when it’s time to do the actual cutting of nails. If you have the nail grinder, make sure to switch it on in these sessions of practice. You shouldn’t use it on the nail at first. These exercises are designed to get your cat used to the sound.

Relax Your cat is adept in interpreting your mood. If they feel that you’re nervous or scared, they might prefer not to be part of the occasion. Do it in a fake way if you need to.

Listen to soft tunes Classical guitar, meditation songs, or any other kind of music that soothes you will help yourself and the pet to relax, so you don’t contain bird calls.

Utilize feline Pheromones The pheromones that relieve stress, such as the diffuser from Feliway will aid your cat to relax whenever it’s time for a trimming.

Cat treats can be used to reward your cat, but not as a way to bribe treats can be an effective motivational tool, but don’t hand them away until you have your cat to accept them. Make sure to inform your cat that you’ll give them a treat in order to get their attention and then wait until they are willing to trim a nail prior to you give them the reward.

Think about using a cushioned ironing board rather than your lap If placing with your cat isn’t feasible A padded ironing board is a great grooming surface. Standing up will give you a greater view, and allows for a person to use the other side, helping to restrain your cat while cutting nail clippings for cats.

Use the minimum amount of force required to keep your cat in check Use of forceful techniques, like scruffing, where you hold your cat’s neck by their scruffs or the loose skin on their necks–may result in an rapid increase in anxiety for your cat (and associated aggression or attempts to get out). If you lose patience, it will affect the game, and could cause your cat to lose confidence in your. Instead, you should hold your pet in a position that is safe and cozy for them.

Learn to spot your cat’s warning signals The tail moving, grunting or panting, stiffening of the body, are all indicators that your cat has become very angry and could be able to scratch or bite you. The purr of a cat can be an indication to stress. If you observe any of these signs, take breaks and let your cat relax.

frequently asked the questions

When Are a Cat’s Nails Too Long?

It is possible to tell if your cat’s nails aren’t long when:

  • They can’t retract all the way
  • They have a very curvaceous shape.
  • They are extremely precise

If you spot any of these symptoms it’s a sign that it’s time for you to whip out your clippers.

What Happens If your Cat’s Nails Get Too Long?

A swollen claw might seem like no big problem, but letting cat’s nails get excessively can result in severe damage, such as:

  • The cat’s paws may be damaged by pads as nails have grown curled and curled them
  • Changes in the gait of your cat could lead to chronic joint problems
  • The cat’s collar can become stuck in carpets or on your pet’s collar can cause pain or injury to your cat
  • Furniture damage
  • Potential risk of injury through scratches from your cat

What You’ll Need To Cut the cat’s Nails

Be sure to have these things to clip the nails of your cat:

  • A nail trimmer, grinder or polisher
  • Cat treats
  • Styptic Powder (recommended) flour, cornstarch
  • The towel you wrap your pet (optional)
  • A aid (optional however, it is useful)
  • Relax your nerves and have plenty of patience!

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