Can you cut cat nails with human clippers – 2021 | Easy 5 Steps

how to cut cat nails with human clippers

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Cutting cat nails using human nail clippers could be simple, but we recommend following the advice of your veterinarian. Nail clippers made by humans can split nail tips, which can make the nails uncomfortable and rough. The nail clippers can snap, making it difficult to control your cat.

Furthermore Human nail clippers won’t perform effectively if your cat has extremely thin or weak nails. However, the Feline Clippers are designed to securely clip a cat’s nail. It is recommended to use the top cats nail clippers to cut nails of cats. If you need to cut with human clippers nails of cats, then you must be cautious.

Cats are more likely to not enjoy having their nails cut. But, you may prefer to trim your nails regularly as they could harm you or your children. Cutting nails for cats is the preferred alternative to getting rid of the cat’s claws. In most cases, cats become comfortable with the procedure after frequent sessions of nail trimming.

Some cats, especially indoor cats, need to have their claws regularly trimmed. It prevents the nail from curling around and growing in on itself and can stop injuries to the soft paw pad. It also presents a more humane and manageable alternative to having a cat declawed, which requires invasive and potentially painful surgery. You can buy special cat claw clippers that are designed for the purpose. Some people do use human nail clippers, and they shouldn’t cause injury or undue stress to your cat, but they may cause the nail to splinter which will make the ordeal worse for you both. For this reason, it is usually better to use proper cat claw clippers.

Regularity and constancy

Nail clipping is usually required to be carried out frequently, and though it is possible to hire a groomer or even your vet take care of it It is also possible to cut nail and claws at home using just the right supplies and equipment.

Whatever tool you are using to trim the cat must be at ease and, in the ideal case, sleeping. Do not attempt to do this task while your cat is just playing or is energetic and energetic. If you are able then, start cutting nails as soon as your cat is kitten. So, they can get used to holding them, pressing on the toe pad and cutting around the claw area. If you attempt to start the process after your cat gets older and more accustomed, it could be more challenging.

Avoid the quick cutting nails

can you cut cat nails with human clippers

Be sure to avoid the fast. This appears like pink tissue underneath the claw. If you spot this, you shouldn’t be concerned. The bleeding usually lasts for a few minutes before it stops. Talk calmly to your cat. Don’t get scared or shouting around, as this can make your cat anxiety too. If the bleeding does not stop within a few minutes, try using an styptic pencil or flour to stop bleeding.

Why Cut Cat Nails With Human Nail Clippers

Cat nail clippers are cheap ( perfectly functional options )starting at less than $10) and easily accessible. They are available online in the local pet shop, or inside the pet aisle of your local grocery retailer.

It is possible that you require trimming a kitten’s or cat’s nails as you’ve suddenly been the primary caregiver of a brand new animal. This could be due to the fact that you are unable to locate the cat clippers that you already have to trim your cat’s nails. You may also not need to invest in a new product when you are able to learn how to use the nail clippers that you already have. If you’re in any of these situations I’d still advise purchasing an tiny, cheap collection of pet clippers. This makes the process much easier and more enjoyable for you and your cat.

How to Cut Cat Nails With Human Clippers | Easy 5 Steps

it’s important to have an organized method of trimming kitten or cat nails. Check out this post on Best way to cut cat claws, The following below 5 steps will completely guide to you that how to cut cat nails with human clippers.

can i cut cat nails with human clippers

Guillotine-type, Scissors type, and Human fingernail clippers are just a few of the options available to cut nail nails of cats. The scissors type is a good option when a nail is curly inside and is growing too long. If you’re employing Human Nail Clippers then you need to follow a few points of guidance.

Step 1: Take your cat in the arms.

Certain cats may be able to co-operate with you, while other cats may not be able to let you clip their nails. The best method to prevent excessive movements when using human nail clippers, is by wrapping your pet in towels. Pick the paw of one to cut the nails and wrap the rest of her legs. There will be a second person to keep your cat’s head while you trim her nails.

Step 2: Serve Treats to your cat

Treat your cat with tasty snacks each time you cut her nails. You will enjoy it getting her nails cut. This is why she will sit in a calm manner and have her nails trimmed.

Step 3: Make sure to press the Paw gently

The claws of cats are usually concealed within the fur. To see a better perspective of her claws, use her paw to gently press them. This will pull the nails out and the fur upwards. Thus, it will give you an accurate glimpse of the nail.

Step 4: Cut the tips of the Nails

A human nail clipper can be turned inwards so that it cuts the claw of the cat. The goal is to cut only the pointed portion of the claw. If you cut further than the pink area of the nail, also known as fast, you’ll receive a scathing reaction from your cat.

If you mistakenly cut the quick, it’s likely to start bleeding. Therefore, make sure you do not ever cut your quick.

Step 5: cut the other Nails the same way

Repeat the procedure for each claw while you are holding your cat. Wrap your cat in a blanket and her head still. Only take one paw at a stretch to cut nails. repeat the procedure for the other.

If you’ve cut yourself in error and accidentally cut your finger, your cat may shy away from you or be angry. Keep her calm until she settles down. The bleeding will cease on its own after some time. Consult a veterinarian for any prescriptions if necessary.

There are some facts about Cat Claws

can you cut cat nails with human clippers

Cat claws do not resemble human nails. When we clip the nails using the human nail clipper, we must be aware of the following points.

Cats catch prey using their claws The claws that are located on the front paws of the cat are known as dewclaws. They are used by cats to capture prey.

The cat is a digitigrade Humans can be described as plantigrade walkers since they stroll on the soles of their feet. However, cats walk on their toes so the walkers are called digitigrade. Cats may have difficulty balance if we remove their claws.

The claws of the cat’s front are sharp When a cat walks in front, her claws do not meet the ground. Therefore, the front claws do not show wear and tear, and stay sharp. They also allow cats to walk in a calm manner while sneaking up on prey.

The claws on the rear wear down Most cats do not require trimming rear claws, as they get worn out through regular walking.

Cat claws are curly on the ends The claws with curvy edges aid them to hold their prey, as well as climbing. However, they are also entangled in other things like carpets, and cause injury to their feet.

The Claws are growing all through her life Cats’ nails grow frequently, just like humans. Cats might bite their nails or scratch it and tear them down. This causes them to lose their shine and shed occasionally. Cats who are older have less activities so their nails shed as much. Therefore, older cats require cutting nails more frequently.

There are many other well-known cat grooming tools that are available to protect your cat.


Following the 5 steps above, you’ll be able to trim your cat’s nails using normal nails clippers for humans. Being a pet owner is a steep growing process, but it’s well worthwhile to have a healthy and healthy pet.

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