How much should I charge for overnight dog sitting?-2022

How much should I charge for overnight dog sitting?

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Professional pet sitters cost an average of $25 for a 30-minute appointment, or 20 up to 30 dollars per hour, depending on your location, number of pets, duration of your stay, as well as any other special services for pets required. House sitters are also available to pet care for $12 an hour if owners are not there. Request no-cost estimates for pet care providers near your home.

If you’d like to allow your pet to experience home watching while you’re away employing a professional pet sitter is the best choice. There are times when pets that have been who are kept in kennels can be sad and lonely until they return home. Certain pets are able to stay overnight or stay for a longer period at the home of the pet care provider (which is often cheaper) instead of having the pet sitter reside at the pet’s house.

How much should I charge for overnight dog sitting?

In general, you’ll be paying between 60 and 70% of the amount you would pay an expert local service. This is approximately $13-$16 per 15 minutes of drop-in visits, and $18- $24.50 for 45–60 minutes of visit.

If your sitter for your hobby offers the option of overnight stays, you can be prepared to spend between $50 and $70, and that’s not including the cost of walking in the midday.

There is a chance to find a hobby pet sitter that charges a low price in exchange for services. I’ve heard of as little as $30 dollars per dayfor three midday visits , and an overnight stay! With these rates there is no way to support an income or business or even the household. If you look at the hours spent per hour at around $2 per hour. A low amount for such a services is profiting. If you offer an amateur sitter a tiny amount, your relationship is not likely to be long-lasting.

Sitters either discover they’re worth more or burn out working seven days a week at such a low salary and no resources to develop their business. Do not make the mistake of taking the advantage of these new hobbyists. Most hobby sitters it is their first foray into business. They may not think of themselves as highly enough to justify their time, expenses and the opportunity cost. If they are charging an amount that is low, they should keep the economy going and make sure you give them an enormous tip!

Pay A Friend to Pet Sit Or To care for your pets

If you have trustworthy friends and family members, asking them to take look after your pets could be a fantastic option to save money. Engaging people to look after your pets is likely to be the least expensive alternative for you.

If you have friends who already have pets, they may even be willing to look after your pet at no cost in exchange for a favor next time they are out from town.

If you decide to hire your pals to watch your pets an animal, a fair amount of pay is between 30 and 40 percent of what you’d spend on a professional pet sitting service. For instance, a 15 minute drop-in session would cost around $7-10 per visit. If your pet requires longer visits, for example, 45-60 minutes visits then you’ll need to spend between $10 and $14.50 for each visit. If you’re not certain how long visits your pets require, check out these posts: read this one on cats and this article for dogs..


The appropriate amount is around 15% to 20 percent of the amount approximately fifteen dollars for each night. The amount you should pay depends on how long they were staying at your house, and if they did anything above or beyond the amount they had agreed to perform.

If they completed all they promised to do, give them a tip at the bottom to show gratitude. If they did the dishes and mowed your lawn you may want to give them more. If your pet suffered from an emergency, and they took to an emergency vet and then stayed the whole night in the vet’s office then you’d be wise to think about the top range and save their number in case you need to make use of them again.

If you’re looking for the best quality and most trustworthy kind of service, make certain to choose an experienced firm.

If you’re comfortable with the risk of hiring a pet caretaker, you may have the chance to cut dollars on pet care instead, you can put the money towards your next holiday.

A friend or neighbor who is trustworthy can be an effective way to protect your money in your account, however it can be detrimental to the relationship if you’re not able to repay the favor the next time.

Keep in mind that if you’re trying to find a reputable pet sitting service or hobby sitter, and they do not appear to be adequate it is possible to keep searching. Professional pet sitting services will provide top-quality service and communications. You should expect regular updates from the sitter perhaps even a few pictures as well. A hobbyist sitter may not have the experience and commitment towards you however they’ll charge less.

Hope this article has been beneficial to you. Should you happen to have comments or questions that you’d like to discuss, leave them in the comment box below! Thanks!

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